Which are the most useful lightweight budget travel gadgets?

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Are you planning your next budget trip and want to make sure you take everything you need with you? This article will review the four most useful lightweight budget travel gadgets that every savvy traveller will want to have in their bag.

1 - Immersion heaters: safety and convenience

Have you ever found yourself with no bottled water to drink while on a journey? Immersion heaters offer the perfect solution to that kind of situation, as long as you have access to an electric outlet. These clever gadgets allow you to quickly and safely boil tap water, which can then be used to drink or to prepare a cup of coffee. Immersion heaters offer all the advantages of travelling with a kettle without taking up any space in your luggage.

However, it might prove to be a bit of a challenge to find a travel immersion heater these days. It is best to try hardware and camping gear stores first, and failing that, do a search online.

2 - Keeping in touch with the world with a PDA

Internet is everywhere these days, even in the most remote destinations. Due to this reason, netbooks are becoming an increasingly popular gadget with budget travellers, as they provide easy access to e-mail, social networks, hostel booking sites, and everything else a traveller might need. However, not everyone can (or wants) to get hold of a netbook. What other options are there?

PDAs (personal digital assistants) first appeared in the market in the late 1980s. Although the concept was a success (mainly among businesspeople), PDAs have been largely replaced by smartphones, laptops, and netbooks. Yet, they remain an excellent option for lightweight budget travellers, as they offer Internet connectivity, handwriting recognition, a calendar, a calculator, and the possibility to store digital media like pictures and songs. At an average weight of 160g, they could not be any lighter. The best part is that since PDAs are considered to be "outdated", you can get hold of (a second-hand) one for as little as £25, particularly if you search in online auction sites.

3 - Luggage cable locks: keeping your personal belongings safe

Budget travellers often spend long hours travelling in second class trains and buses, where the safety of their belongings might be compromised. Luggage cable locks offer a convenient solution to this potential problem. These cables consist of an adjustable high-tensile stainless steel wire, which can be wrapped around your bags or used to secure them to an unmovable fixture, like a rack or a bar. The cable is then locked with a highly resistant combination padlock, giving you peace of mind during your trip. Luggage cable locks can be used in trains, buses, hotel rooms, and wherever you may need to leave your luggage unattended for a while.

4 - Sleep without a worry with a travel door lock

One of the key characteristics of budget travel is the facility with which travel plans can change. While this is generally a positive aspect of budget travel, it can also have a few inconvenients. For instance, you may have to spend the night somewhere you had not planned, but looking for last-minute inexpensive accommodation does not always yield good results. If you have ever been forced to spend the night at a dodgy hotel and swore you would never do it again, a travel door lock can be the perfect solution for you.

Travel door locks are made of reinforced heavy duty plastic, which makes them lightweight, durable, and extremely resistant. Their simple but effective design allows travellers to secure a door from the inside of the room, making it totally inaccessible from the outside, even to people who may have a master key.

Make sure you get hold of at least one of the lightweight budget travel gadgets reviewed before your next trip. We can assure you that you will not regret it!

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