What Great Travel Tips Make for an Unforgettable Vacation?

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There are a variety of travel sites across the web offering plenty of advice on flights, destinations, and things to do. But far and few between are the sites that list the really great travel tips that make a vacation worth talking about! Here are the top three things you can do to make sure your vacation is a uniquely incredible experience!

1. Go Off Season- Off season travel is not only guaranteed to save you money on airfare, but you can also miss out on the swarming crowds of tourists, get great deals on hotels, food, and more, and experience a different side of the vacation world. With off-season international travel, it's possible to participate in a country's religious festivals and traditional celebrations all year round. Check out India during monsoon season, China during Chinese new year, or France at the annual festival of grapes. Whatever destination you choose, there are plenty of things to do off season, rather than the traditional (and expected!) June through August travel.

2. Get Out of the Resort- Resorts are great for all inclusive travel, but they're no way to see a country! If you really want to experience the heart of international living, you've got to get out of the resorts! Look for small hotels off the beaten path, home cooked meals, and activities that operate on a small scale. Guided tours aren't your thing? That's okay! Ask the locals for sightseeing tips and lose yourself in someone else's way of life. This is a great way to see the way a country really works. Be sure to ask about local events like flea markets, festivals, and celebrations. You might also be able to find small-scale tours of not-quite-popular museums, churches, and more! Be sure to take plenty of pictures- your family and friends won't have been on a vacation like yours!

3. Go Unplugged- While leaving behind the electronics may seem daunting, unplugging yourself from your family and friends is the best way to unwind and relax from your day to day stress! Leave your laptop behind and put your cell phone on silent- this vacation is all about you and yours! Make sure you keep a cell phone in your bag or backpack, though. It's important to have a way to contact your hotel if you get lost, or authority figures in case of an emergency.

International travel is a wondrous experience for families and couples, or even the solo travel. But if you're looking for a really phenomenal vacation experience, remember these three great travel tips! Aim for off season travel, get out of the resorts, and unplug yourself from your social network! This is the best way to not only get the most bang for your buck, but also to see a unique, and often ignored, side of your chosen destination. Be sure to take your camera and an extra battery and memory card- you'll want to remember this trip! Get ready to go and start planning your next vacation today with these travel tips!

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