What are the pros' vacation travel packing tips?

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The best type of travel is arguably vacation travel. It’s the time swap doldrums and stresses of our usual lives for peace and recreation. Travel, whether by auto, train or plane, should be as stress free. The things you take along should be an asset to your trip, not an additional weight to carry.

Here are some Vacation travel packing tips for your next 7 day trip.

Once you have decided where your travels will take you, determine what type of vacation activities. It will be easier to pack the right items if you know what you will be doing on your trip.

Now, clear the largest surface in your home. I use my king sized bed. First, layout your clothing options. To keep bulk to a minimum, select neutral colored pants or skirts. Then “audition” 2-3 different tops or shirts that coordinate with each of the pants/skirts. To reiterate each bottom will have 2 to 3 tops that will work. This will keep you from looking like you are wearing the same outfit day after day during your vacation. Next, choose accessories ex. belts, jewelry, shoes to accompany the coordinated outfit.

Here’s a word of caution about shoes. You do not need a different pair of shoes for each day of your vacation. If you plan to do a lot of walking, pack a pair of comfortable, low heeled shoes. Women, if there’s some dancing planned for this trip, one pair of neutral pumps will be more than sufficient. I once traveled with a woman who not only carried 14 pairs of shoes for a 4 day trip, she brought along the shoeboxes as well. Needless to say she needed help carrying her luggage everywhere.

Here is my secret vacation travel packing tips: 3 pairs of pants or skirts and 9 tops should be more than enough for a 7 day vacation for the average traveler.

Once I have these core items identified, I add my underwear, sox and pajamas. I also include any specialty item that might be needed for my wardrobe ex. strapless bra.

I don’t care where I am headed; I always include at least one bathing suit. Even if I am vacationing in Alaska in blustery January, I am going to find an indoor pool and don my swimsuit. I also pack a mini umbrella.

Now turn your attention to your daily grooming needs. Pack your shaving stuff, makeup, cleansers and hair brush, lotion, toothbrush – any item that you use regularly and would miss if you were without it for an entire week.

If you are going to a quality hotel, don’t pack a hair dryer, shampoo or conditioner. They are usually provided. Also avoid “the just in case” items. Pieces like a ball gown, when you haven’t been invited to a black tie affair – just take up valuable space.

Also leave your expensive jewelry items safe at home. Who wants to be on vacation and worrying about being a target for thieves?

Make an effort to pack your suitcase a week in advance of your trip. More than likely you won’t need what’s in your luggage anyway and you will have the calm feeling of being prepared. Bon Voyage

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