What are some tips to help make air travel easy?

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Air travel is one of the most dreaded forms of travel for many people, and for good reason. After the several attacks on airplane security that have taken place in the past few years, security measures have increased three fold across the globe, which while good for our safety and that of our families, can be a pain in the butt for the average traveler. Even so, there are a few ways that you can make air travel easy for you and your party.

One good thing to do when planning a vacation to a destination that you will need to fly to, is find out what kind of security measures exist at the airport that you will depart from and arrive to. Doing this helps you to be prepared to do whatever needs to be done so that you do not have to be held up at security for violating one of these measures. For instance, most countries have regulations about the sizes and packaging of containers carrying liquid that you can pass through security with. If you plan on checking a bag, it is wise to pack any large containers of liquid product in your checked bag. Anything that must be taken on the plane with you should generally be contained in a bottle or jar of no more that three fluid ounces in capacity. Some airport security requires that all liquids be grouped in a small plastic baggie in order to ease the process of security inspection for officers.

Knowing security measures can also help when it comes to thinking about what to wear when traveling by air. If your local airport requires passengers to remove all shoes, jackets and outerwear before passing through security, it may be helpful to wear comfortable shoes that are easy to slip on and off, and jackets with a front button or zip. Even doing things like having your laptop and tablet, which will need to be removed from their carrying cases and placed in bins apart from your other belongings, in easy to reach places in your carry on bag, will speed up the security process for you and other passengers, and make air travel easy for everyone.

Finally, taking advantage of new travel technology can help to speed up the process of moving from the entrance of the airport to your departure gate. Airlines will usually notify you if there is an online check in feature available for your trip. In addition, most airlines use electronic kiosks to print tickets and check customers in. As you go in to the airport, and as you continue your journey from check in area to departure gate, be sure to have your passport handy at all times, as you will be required to use it to identify yourself at various checkpoints before boarding the plane.

All in all, air travel is just a minor part of something that everyone enjoys: taking trips, going on adventures, and seeing new places. Being prepared will eliminate any unwanted headaches due to complications and hold ups, and make your trip even more enjoyable!

Safe traveling!

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