What are some exciting things to do when visiting the Arabian Desert?

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The Arabian Desert isn’t exactly considered a paradise. Images of the endless dunes of sand conjure thoughts of dying of thirst and being unable to escape the relentless beating of the sun. The silver screen has painted the desert as a mysterious place where adventures come alive. If you believe the tales you have seen in “The Mummy”, “Aladdin”, or “Hidalgo,” then this arid land offers only danger those who dare to visit. The truth is, however, that cultures have thrived there for thousands of years. Tourists will find a multitude of activities to fill their time while visiting the Arabian Desert.

Cave exploration is one of the most exciting options to fill your time with during an Arabian Desert vacation. Beneath the sand, there are miles of tunnels to explore. As you walk into a passage entrance, you will not find smooth walls and electric lights. Protrusions from the rock will jut out to trip the unwary, so be sure to keep your wits about you. Before you even think of stepping a foot into one of these caves, you must learn the two mandatory rules every explorer must obey at all times.

The first is to always have three lights sources of light with you at all times. Being caught without a source of light can make this trip into a deadly situation. Because of your unfamiliarity with the tunnel, you will be unaware of any holes in the ground or places that are weak enough to cave in. The second rule to never take off your pack. Your bag carries the essentials you need to survive such as a rope, water, and food. By leaving your pack behind, you are putting yourself at great risk. If you keep in mind these two mandates, you can be confident in your safety as you explore these underground pathways. Do not forget to sign the cave register, which is usually a piece of paper kept in a mason jar placed somewhere deep in the tunnel. That way everyone who comes after will know of your accomplishment.

While visiting the area, you must go on a desert safari. Also known as dune bashing, this excursion takes passengers are an exhilarating ride through the sand. While you can rent your own 4WD drive vehicle, hiring a professional driver allows you to get the most out of the experience. You will be picked up about 2 PM and taken to the rallying point where vehicles from all the tour companies will meet and go out together. You will usually have about a 30 minute wait. During this time, the companies will double check to their cars as young men perform driving tricks to entertain the tourists. Once the safari begins, be ready for the ride of your life. The drivers will spend about a hour and a half racing through the sand. This time will be divided between multiple exciting maneuvers such as bursting through small dunes, climbing up mountains, and speeding diagonally across the ground.

The ride will end just in time to watch the sunset. In the last rays of the sun, you will be chauffeured to the center camp in the middle of the desert. Most tour companies include a BBQ in their safari packages. The food and drinks are free. Some camps even offer alcohol for an additional price. While the food is prepared, you will be able to take it easy. There are various activities to enjoy as you wait. There will probably be a group of young women performing belly dancing for the crowds. You will also have a chance to ride a camel. After you eat, you will be taken on a gentle ride back to your hotel.

Visiting the Arabian Desert does not have to be scary. In the middle of the sand, you will find the city of Dubai, which can offer you all the luxuries you are used to having at home. Be sure to pack carefully. Tourists are often taken aback by how strong the sun’s rays are. You can avoid heat stroke and dehydration by packing clothes that are light in both color and weight. A trip to the desert will be one you will remember for a lifetime.

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