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Nova Scotia is the south western province of Canada and one of God’s greatest natural gifts to humans. Canada’s gateway to the Atlantic, Nova Scotia boasts of some breathtaking landscapes, exotic as well as serene beaches, rugged cliffs, long coastlines, flushing green meadows and other beautiful places of divine creation. This peninsula holds something for every kind of tourist; be it someone who is a beach lover or someone with a liking for adventures sports. Visiting Nova Scotia Canada offers one of the best maritime vacations one would ever experience in his life.


The geographical location of Nova Scotia is such that even if you are at the interior most point of the province, you are just a 2-hours drive away from the coastline. The white sandy beaches are a perfect setting for relaxing on a sunny summer’s day. These beaches are surfer’s paradise. Also known for other aquatic sports like scuba diving, kayaking, sailing etc, visiting Nova Scotia Canada is a dream comes true for honeymooners.

As a part of visiting Nova Scotia Canada, Cape Breton Island in the north is the perfect place for campers, hikers and other nature lovers. The Cape Breton Highlands National Park has a wonderful mixture of high cliffs, huge mountains, valleys, forests, picturesque waterfalls and rocky shoreline. Cabot Trail is a scenic highway which passes through the national park. It provides some of the most fantastic views of the rugged shoreline, spectacular valleys, and towering cliffs.

The Bay of Fundy is a great vacation destination, while visiting Nova Scotia Canada, with awe-inspiring coastal routes and imposing cliffs. It makes a great show when the highest tides in the world, recorded at Fundy, collide with these cliffs. Situated at the tip of the Fundy bay, Brier Islands are known for its eco-tourism. A paradise for bird-watchers and nature lovers, it is best known for the whale watching experiences. Exploring the rich marine habitat is one not-to-miss extravaganza. The adjoining Annapolis valley is known for the world famous, award winning vineyards, vast stretches of farmlands and the adventure sports like white water rafting, canoeing, tidal bore rafting and kayaking on the two major rivers that run through the valley.

Halifax is the biggest city in Nova Scotia. It is a port city known for its harbor. Much of Nova Scotia is countryside, but Halifax is a big city with huge population. It is the second largest natural harbors in the world. It is a vibrant city known for its fast urban lifestyle, modern architectures and some very good state-of-the-art museums. Pier 21 is one such museum which has been declared a cultural heritage site by UNESCO. The waterfronts of Halifax some of the best Oceanside views ever witnessed. Halifax adds the touch of sophistication and urbanity to the experience of visiting Nova Scotia Canada.

The eastern shore of Nova Scotia is dotted with laidback fishing villages, maritime museums and exciting river tails. The Fortress of Louisbourg at Cape Breton Islands, Jost vineyards at Northumberland shore, the Bluenose II sailing experience at the south shore and the Peggy’s cove on the south shore append to the unending list of places to go to while visiting Nova Scotia Canada.


Visiting Nova Scotia Canada brings along a whole lot of adventurous things to do for tourists. You can camp or hike at the numerous world-famous national parks with locations which attract campers and hikers from around the globe. Since Nova Scotia is surrounded by oceans, it provides some great opportunities for water sports fanatics. There are countless beaches for surfing, kayaking and canoeing and some major rivers, twisting and turning through the mountains, for white water rafting and tidal bore rafting. These perils are enterprising enough and exhilarating enough to get the adrenaline pumping. Whether you want to relax at the sandy beaches, enjoy the scenic Oceanside drives, visit cultural museums or experience the fast-paced city life, Nova Scotia has a host of outdoor activities for every tourist.


There are more than 1500 restaurants scattered all over Nova Scotia which gives the visitors a taste of Nova Scotia’s culinary skills and hospitality. Most of the restaurants are famous for the delicious seafood, specially the lobster, but they also provide non-seafood cuisines; some with local touch and some with global influences. The dining experience in Nova Scotia is exquisite as there are many hotels that employ award winning chefs from around the world. The restaurants in Nova Scotia are a hit among the visiting tourists with their unique and elegant mouthwatering delicacies. There are lots of annual food and wine festivals all over Nova Scotia during various times of the year, which justify their love for food.

Nova Scotia plays host to some of the best known chain of hotels in the world providing high class, luxurious accommodations to the visiting tourists. Complimented by the world class local hotels, resorts, lodges and other bed and breakfast places, the lavish accommodation facilities add the finishing touches to a majestic vacation in visiting Nova Scotia Canada. These facilities come at rates which can be afforded by all types and classes of people.


Visiting Nova Scotia Canada enlightens the tourists to a myriad of international annual festivals. Be it the Food and Wine festival or the Lobsterpalooza festival along the Cabot Trail, they all come along with their own masterpieces and folklore. The Stan Rogers Folk Festival on the Eastern Shore is an annual folk and music festival featuring Canada’s most prolific artists. The Tall Ships Festival in Halifax is a one of its kind festival where Tall Ships from all over the world gather annually to make a splendid fleet of ships to see. In all there are 550 such annual festivals in Nova Scotia itself ranging from music to food.


Visiting Nova Scotia Canada is as easy as it gets as it is well connected by flights to all the major cities in Canada, US and UK. There are direct flights to and from international cities like Chicago, Boston, New York, Washington and London. It is also well connected by the sea link as many cruises travel to and from Nova Scotia to many other locations in North America and Europe.

Planning a vacation with family or friends, a honeymoon with your sweetheart or an educational trip, the province of Nova Scotia welcomes all and promises to leave each visitor spellbound by the majestic beauty, grandeur landscapes and enchanting cultural heritage. Visiting Nova Scotia Canada is truly a nowhere-else-in-the-world experience which is sure to give the tourists long lasting memories of God’s creations.

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