What are the Best Toronto Attractions to See?

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The beautiful province of Ontario boasts a gem of a city filled with culture, adventure and great views. Toronto, the largest city in Canada, sits on the shores of Lake Ontario and is the capital city of the province.

Visitors to this metropolis will discover what residents already know, there is more to see and do here for travelers of any budget, vacation type and adventure seeker than meets the eye. On the surface, Toronto is your typical large city, with bustling streets, tall skyscrapers reaching for the sky and plenty of things to see and do. Underneath all that, there are fantastic clubs, delicious restaurants and attractions many may not think to visit.

Visiting the Best Toronto Attractions

No visit to Toronto would be complete without visiting its famous attractions. One of the tallest buildings in the world, the CN Tower boasts beautiful views of the city and Lake Ontario. Of course, visitors should see the revolving restaurant 360, see the glass floor, and for those brave enough, take a walk on Edge Walk; an outdoor walk around the very edge of the observation deck.

Harbourfront Centre offers cultural, educational and recreational programs all year long, with a marketplace that is busy during the summer months. Visitors can experience theatre performances, courses and workshops and enjoy the arts while along the waterfront.

Science buffs will enjoy the Ontario Science Centre, with its nine exhibition halls, IMAX film dome, interactive displays and participation in research projects and ever changing large exhibits to delight any visitor.

How to Seethe Best Toronto Attractions

Toronto has an extensive transit system known as the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), which provides bus, streetcar and subway services throughout the entire city. For those who prefer taking a taxi, the city has a number of taxi companies available to use. If a visitor wishes to drive themselves, car rental agencies abound within the city limits as well.

Of course, for an interesting and guided tour of the city, there are tour buses and tour boats that can provide a day’s worth of sights at great prices. The Toronto Hop On Hop Off City Tour lets visitors see the sights on a double decker bus, trolley or motor coach bus at their own speed. Visitors may hop on or hop off the bus at any time and rejoin the tour once they are finished at their location.

Travelers can see the city from the air, using Vertical Reality Helicopter Tour in Toronto. The flight takes 8 minutes, at a height of 2,000 feet and at speeds of 100 miles an hour. This is a great adventure for those who want to see the city without all the congestion of traffic, and for a great view of the skyscrapers.

A throwback to the old days is a trip aboard the 165-foot, three-masted schooner. This two hour trip around the lake includes helping hoist the mast, light snack or lunch and cold drinks. Visitors will enjoy hearing the crew sing sea shanties, the firing of the cannon and the wonderful view of the city. This is a unique attraction to this city, and the only other place to board a schooner such as this is within the Caribbean.

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