What are the best places for taking a vacation in Italy

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Italy is a haven for tourists with its nicely balanced offering of history, culture and scenic beauty. This makes a vacation in Italy one of the most sought after things to do in every avid traveler's list, after all "all roads lead to Rome". Indeed! There are no dearth of pretty places in this country, however there are two cities which should definitely feature in your itinerary if you plan to go for an Italian vacation.

Venice - The Island City of Italy

Venice has always been regarded as the top tourist destination. It is beautiful, romantic and mysterious. But like any other tourist spots, you should know a few things about it before you set out for sight seeing. Venice is group of more than a hundred islands, one hundred and fifty canal brigs. Water is the lifeline of people here. They call it aqua-alta.

You may have a notion that a trip to Venice is incomplete without riding on the gondolas. Yes they were, but now you can be charged around $40 for 30 minutes of ride. As your boatman serenades you, you may become a laughing stock for the onlookers. You can take ride on the Gondola one time but not beyond it. So, go for the vaporetto instead. It will not sound as glamorous as the Gondola, but it is the equivalent of a water-bus. Choose a good seat on the deck to have lovely view of the city.

The water of the lagoon often rises, which sometimes floods the streets of the city. The locals often slosh through these flooded streets. So, you may not want to carry those gum boots!

As a tourist locale, Venice is flocked by myriad travelers every year. Tourism is one of the primary industries of Venice. There are hotels for different kinds of travelers. There are accommodations for budget traveling and lavish ones too. Venice has many beautiful architectural wonders that make most tourists fall in love with the city.

Valle d’Aosta - The Tourist Region of Italy

Valle d’Aosta is one of the smallest Italian regions and includes a total surface area of about 3,263 square km, including a total population of 120,000 people, mainly concentrated in valley bottoms. The whole territory is mountainous which makes it all the more attractive those who love mountains. The scenic green valley on the sides of the long flowing Dora Baltea River makes this region a striking one. The Dora Baltea River is a tributary of the biggest river in Italy, the Po.

When it comes to attractions, you get to see the fascinating ruins of several castles. Some of which are open to public, like Issogne and Fenis. The scenic ruins of the countless castles confirm the vast strategic importance of this place before the period of air travel. It was then considered as the gateway to two of the most significant routes, all through the Great and Little St Bernard Passes and the Alps. But, the Mont Blanc Tunnel, which was developed later, has hugely superseded the St. Bernard Passes as a main overland cargo route.

Valle d’Aosta is home to the Gran Paradiso National Park which is home to a vast wildlife, including ibex and the chamois. The Gran Paradise National Park is a famous destination for climbers and hill walkers. Plus, there are many ski resorts spread all over the area.

Also described as politically autonomous, the Valle d’Aosta region is also culturally distinct from the rest of the country. The first language here is French and spoken by most inhabitants.

There is so much to see in this country that taking just one vacation in Italy may not be enough to experience them all!

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