If I want to see the world, what is the best way to find work in another country?

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One way to see more of the world is to teach English as a second language. By becoming certified in ESL, it is possible to find work in another country and remain in residence for a year or more. Having an ESL certification opens doors to many opportunities to travel and become immersed in the culture of the country where one is studying. In this way, a person can gain a little expertise that is more than what the average tourist can gain. One can then branch off into other interests.

If you find a country that you really like, while teaching ESL, you can do a language study, even as an exchange. It may be possible to study subjects other than language, such as cuisine, religion, and the history of the country. Finding work in another country opens doors to experiences that weekly or monthly trekking tourists may find quite valuable. As a native speaker of English, but with connections to students of ESL, you are in a unique position to offer travel tips, and perhaps even accompany them when you have vacation time. If you are able to, offering private tutoring within your home will give you the opportunity to set your own schedule and build your own side business with the knowledge you have obtained.

However, maybe attaching oneself to a country for more than a year may not be desirable. With an ESL certification, there are so many chances to move on to a different country, culture, cuisine, etc. There is no limit to the number of places that a person can go with certification in hand. It is very exciting to move through Europe, perhaps picking up a bit of French, then taking that knowledge down into Francophone North Africa, where a little Arabic might be gained. From there, Egypt might have some appeal as a chance to learn a bit more and live in a more Arabic-influenced nation and to visit the Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings, or maybe to Turkey, to see the confluence of European and Islamic culture come together.

One could then imagine going to India and teaching for a year, taking advantage of holidays to visit the Taj Mahal and other amazing historical cites. Once in Asia, a next step might be to work in China, to experience its educational system, its historical sites, and to plan a trip to the Great Wall, or perhaps a bit of island life might appeal, drawing one to Malaysia or Indonesia or Thailand.

Travel is wonderful and even a brief glimpse at a country as a tourist can have its benefits, but really experiencing the rich flavors and colors of a nation are best done when one is submerged in it. Thus, finding work in another country might be the easiest route to doing just that. Teaching ESL gives you an opportunity to live, work and be a part of a new society, while at the same time giving something valuable to you students in the form of a new means of communication in a growing global economy.

By finding work in another country, especially by teaching English, you give yourself a wonderful gift of knowledge of the world and its people, and experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. Get that certification and go for it!

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